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Noble Presets

Noble Presets

Video Tutorial

My first love in photography is film. When I started 11 years ago I shot film because it was the only thing that existed. Now I shoot film because I enjoy it. But shooting film isn't always the most practical, and in all honesty sometimes I want the flexibility that digital photography allows. Since then I have tried many great film emulation presets. None have impressed me as much as the Noble Presets. All I can say is wow. In fact, I'll let the images below and the rest of my portfolio do the talking. These images are a mix taken on professional cameras and also some on high end point and shoot models. It is impressively easy to use. I literally sometimes can't remember which images are from my digital camera and which were actually shot on film. If you're interested in these presets take a look. I'd happily recommend these presets for free, but they are kind enough to give me a little something if you buy them using my link. You can also watch a demo here!