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Intimate and unguarded wedding photography. Florida, New England, Worldwide destination fine art wedding photographer. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are your packages customizable?

A: Yes! You can add hours as needed. Typically you must include two photographers. In some cases with very small weddings I’ll allow removal of the second photographer from your package. This is on a case by case basis. 


Q:  How long does is take to get our photos back after the wedding?

A:  My official quote is 5 weeks, however, my average turnaround time for your finished photos is usually one week. I fully edit each photo you will receive. Everything is held to the same standards that you see on my website. While the average time is one week occasionally I’ll be on vacation or have a lot of weddings in one weekend and it can be longer. 


Q : Do you use photoshop to retouch the photos?

A: For the most part the answer is no. Believe it or not 90% of what you see on my website has not been retouched or altered in photoshop. Every photo is edited for color and contrast so that it looks beautiful. But I hardly ever need to more aggressively alter a photos. That being said, if you have a pimple or some sort of blemish I will of course remove those for your photos. 


Q: How do we book your services for our wedding?

A: If you know you’d like to work with me all you have to do is fill out a contract, initial each page, sign the last page and send it to me via email or regular mail. Along with the contract a 25% retainer is required to book the date. I usually send clients a link for them to securely pay this retainer online. 


Q:  We are very uncomfortable in front of the camera. Will you help us with posing/make us look natural?

A: Of course! I don't know a lot of people who feel overly comfortable having their photos taken. My approach is to be present and friendly, but not overbearing. I like to help you pose, but in a way that compliments the natural way you interact as a couple. Often times you’ll be posing how I want without realizing it. This makes for a very easy and fun experience in front of the camera. 


Q: How many images can we expect to receive?

A: The number varies, but you can expect approximately 750-850 beautifully edited photos. This is just an estimate. But rest assured you’ll receive the best of the best.


Q: Can we have all of the photos you take? 

A: No. My work is hugely dependent on what I choose to show. Part of what you’re hiring me for is my eye and decision making in what photos create the story of your day. 


Q: I do photography as a hobby. Can I have the RAW images?

A: No. Delivering raw images is not practical, and part of what my clients hire me for is my consistency in the editing process.


Q: Do you make albums?

A: Yes. I believe that printed photos and albums are the absolute best way to view your images. There is something magical about holding a photo in your hands.