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What Touches Our Soul?


What Touches Our Soul?

Austin Trenholm

I've loved photography for a very long time now. It's hard to think of a time I have not been enamored with photographs. While I write this I think about the word 'photograph'. Most of us saying that out loud will probably feel old fashioned. And rightly so. We live in a miraculous time of technology. Technology itself has it's own magic and appeal. Throughout history technological advancements have been a source of pride and wonder for entire nations of people. The problem with this, to me, is that this form of wonder is short lived. Even now every time a new phone, TV, smart watch or computer is released I can see the intrigue in young people fade faster and faster. Maybe this is due to short attention spans, but I believe it's because these new advancement lack something that stirs us inside. What is it that stirs us inside?

Sitting in front of a camp fire, watching flames lap at darkness. A night sky full of stars and galaxies. A sudden wind before a storm. The smell of rain. A sunrise. All of these things stir us inside, and they always will. The thing about everything that touches our soul is that we can feel them. Smells excite our senses. Stars cast light upon us. And fire lies somewhere deeper in our interest from when we became intelligent and curious humans. 

Photographs, wedding albums, and all physical prints have the ability to touch us in the same way. Simply the act of flipping a page, or holding a book can be the missing ingredient to draw upon our nostalgia. Without it we are left staring at phones, tablets and websites. When I deliver wedding albums to brides so often the first thing they do is hug their album. This is why I love photo albums. Because my clients love them in the same way that we love thinking about our childhood, rainy days, and campfires.