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2014 in Review.

Austin Trenholm

2014 like most years was filled with new chapters in my life. Most of them revolved around learning. I learned about my photography, cooking, and a lot about space/science. I learned how to make truffle fries and tarragon sauce as well as my favorite restaurant. That alone makes 2014 rock!

Another adventure this year was with my buddy Michael Sasser to Canada to learn about boudoir photography from The Last Forty Percent. On top of learning about photography I really enjoyed talking to Mike about life, business, relationships and pretty much anything else. Mike made me remember the importance of investing in the future, and in your own memories. There are few conversations I will sacrifice sleep for, but Mike is consistently on the other end of those. And not just because he is in a different time zone. 

The biggest news from 2014 is that I proposed to my girlfriend (and she said yes!) So now I am looking for a wedding photographer myself. This has given me a whole new perspective on marriage, photography, and documenting life. Thank you Laura for always making me laugh, for loving me more than I thought it was possible to be loved, and for being someone who I aspire to be more like. I love you.