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Looking back at 2013

Austin Trenholm

In many ways 2013 has been my favorite year in photography. This year I traveled to Ireland and Jamaica for incredible weddings. I booked the most weddings I have ever done. I shot at some of my newest favorite venues, like the Powel Crosley Estate. And I feel like my style is consistent enough for people to recognize that it is in fact mine. That most of all is what I am most happy about. 


But 2013 has also reinforced something that I have believed since the first wedding I ever shot, and that is that intimate, emotional occasions are always the best no matter what the location or the extravagance. When a group of family and friends are truly happy, and truly in love, and that love is not overwhelmed or overshadowed by the event itself, is when the magic happens. This isn't to say that large and extravagant weddings can't be intimate and full of love. One of the biggest weddings I have ever shot what also one of the most intimate. But I must admit that is a rare combination.


Happy 2013, and to many more, Cheers!